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4848 William Flinn Highway, Allison Park PA

(724) 939-7434

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The Gist : friendly, excellent, good, delicious, interior, bland, disappointed, warm, comfortable, great

  • The interior is not a cavernous dark brown. The main dining room is a warm pumpkin orange. The hall is tennis ball green/yellow. There is some brown paint on the walls at booth level and one wide stripe of dark chocolate brown paint from floor to ceiling but brown is not the predominant color. Enough about paint and on to the food. My husband and I had breakfast there last Sunday, early. My "Green Acres" omelet was one of the best I've had in Pittsburgh. My husband liked his eggs and toast. The portions were very large. The toast was made with bakery bread, not white bread out of a plastic bag. The staff was friendly and the service fast. Altogether, it was a good experience with the exception of the bathrooms which needed attention when we were there.

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