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4848 William Flinn Highway, Allison Park PA

(724) 939-7434

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  • We had eggs,ham, bacon and home fries. My egg whites were very greasy, but my friends regular eggs weren't. Home Fries and bacon were a bit under cooked, ham was alright. I will go back to try lunch or a dinner.
    Great prices, especially for families. The hostess was extremely friendly and helpful. The only downside was it took 45 minutes to get our food.

    MAC Diner's response to this review: Thank you for coming to our family and friends house training days. We are working to perfect our front and back of the house so that you will receive the best experience served up by our staff. We value and appreciate all comments so that we can modify and improve everyday. As we get closer to the Grand Opening, these comments are extremely helpful. Keep them coming!
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